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Apical Care Agency is dedicated to offering reliable live-in and 24/7 care services to the elderly in the local communities of Basingstoke and East London communities and the wider national areas.

Reach out to our committed care team today, and let's assist and guide you in your care journey.

Community care worker joins an an elderly woman for a cup of tea while sitting at her kitchen

Better Care, Apical Care

24/7 Care Services

Quality Support

DBS Checked


Caring for your needs, around the clock and everyday

At Apical Care Agency, we understand the ongoing needs and challenges faced by those that need 24/7 support.


Our dedicated care team offers round-the-clock care services, ensuring you and your loved ones receive 24/7 support and assistance tailored to your needs, no matter the time or day. We also provide domiciliary care and respite care services.

Live-In Care

Live-in care offers 24-hour support for elderly individuals with low care needs and involves a carer residing with the client, both day and night.


Live-in care is a popular alternative to care homes, allowing individuals to stay in their own homes. Our carers help with daily activities like personal care, mobility, cooking, shopping, house chores, medication and companionship.


After agreeing on care terms, we assess needs and requirements, complete paperwork, and provide a dedicated carer. 

Personal care

Bathing and toileting


Meal preparation and cooking


House chores and laundry 


Companionship and social activities

Cheerful woman sitting on the sofa with a senior man and holding his hand

24/7 care support with Apical Care Agency

We offer high quality, personalised live-in care for the elderly or any person in need in Basingstoke and East London and the wider national areas.

Waking Nights

Waking nights care offers attentive support throughout the night for individuals requiring assistance. Our shifts are from 9pm/10pm to 7am. We also offer flexible shift patterns that suit our clients.


Our caregivers are always vigilant, providing aid with any needs that arise. We ensure a peaceful and secure environment, promoting restful sleep and peace of mind for our clients and their families.


We will be happy to arrange for one of our care supervisors to discuss our waking nights care services further.

Long Seatings

Long seatings care provides extended, uninterrupted support for individuals needing continuous assistance.


Our caregivers ensure comfort and well-being during prolonged periods, offering dedicated care support tailored to individual needs for peace of mind and maximum support.

We're happy to speak with you to discuss your long seatings care needs further.

Sleep In

Sleep in or Sleepover Duty provides overnight support for individuals need assistance while they rest. Our flexible shifts are from 9pm/10pm to 7am. 


Our caregivers sleep at our clients' homes and are available to support during the night, if required. You provide a bed for our carer, but you have that peace of mind of someone at hand.

We will be happy to arrange for one of our care supervisors to discuss your sleep in care needs.

Home caregiver talking to senior woman and daughter in bedroom

Better Care, Apical Care


24/7 Free Call Service

At Apical Care, we understand emergencies or needs can happen at any time. That's why we provide a 24/7 free call service.


Our committed care team is dedicated to helping and supporting our clients whenever they need it.

Woman holding senior woman's hand on bed
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